As night falls, the tempo rises, and freshly-mixed cocktails quench the thirst of King’s Lynn’s discerning bar-goers. Award-winning mixologist Benjamin Purslow’s irresistible creations reference Massey &Co’s former life (Royal Mint, anyone?) and there are equally delicious alcohol-free options – Massey was a clean-living Quaker, after all.

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  • £ 7.00

    Black/White Russian

    An 80’s Staple of Vodka, Coffee Liquer and sometimes Milk

  • £ 8.00

    Brazilian Berry

    This Drink combines Wine, Cachaca and Rich Berry Fruits

  • £ 8.00

    Income Tax

    Dry Aromatic, Simple yet Flavourful, Flawless Blend of Gin, Vermouth, Orange Juice with Aromatic Bitters

  • £ 7.50

    Elder & Wise(ish)

    Apple, Elderflower and Lime Matched Perfectly with Bourbon, Perfection

  • £ 7.50


    For those that Gin is not a thing, this is for you. Vodka partnered with Subtle Notes of Sweet Vermouth and Campari.

  • £ 7.50

    Wagon Wheel

    Not the Tasty Chocolate Treat of your childhood but a Nice Summery Blend of Sweet Spirits and Citrus

  • £ 8.00

    Monkey Gland #2

    A Nice Balance of Modern and Old with D.O.M Shining through Orange Juice Nice Nicely

  • £ 7.50


    One of the Best and most Popular Drinks ever created in the 1980’s by the Legendary Dick Bradsell, Gin, Blackberry and Lemon Juice

  • £ 8.00


    Try saying this after a few of these Tropical Pineapple Concoctions

  • £ 8.00


    Serious and packed with Bold Flavours, Chartreuse Fans will love this

  • £ 8.50

    Between the Sheets

    Three Shots of 40% Alcohol with a splash of Lemon Juice mamke for a Tart. Drink that shouldn’t be taken lightly

  • £ 8.00

    Orchard Breeze

    A Refreshing Floral Fusion of Elderflower and Apple Juice, Sundays were made for this.

  • £ 7.50

    Singapore Sling

    The Long Bar at Raffles Hotel, Singapore

    Gin, Cherry Liqueur, Benedictine, Pineapple Juice, Lemon Juice topped with Soda

  • £ 7.50

    Hanky Panky

    The American Bar at The Savoy, London, UK

    Gin, Sweet Vermouth and Fernetbranca stirred

  • £ 7.50

    Ward 8

    Locke-Ober Hotel, Boston, America

    Rum, Pineapple Juice, Lime and Grenadine served in a coupette with a Cherry

  • £ 7.50

    Espresso Martini

    Fred’s Club, London, UK

    Norfolk Wild Knight Vodka, Fresh Espresso, Syrup, Coffee Liqueur

  • £ 7.50

    Gin’y Hendrick’s

    Hendrick’s Gin, Fresh Cucumber, Fresh Basil, Fresh Lime & Fever Tree Tonic.

  • £ 3.50

    'The Quakers' … Softails

    For Designated Drivers

    Passion fruit, Lime, Raspberry, Cranberry and Mint Strawberry, Black Pepper, Rose, Lemon, Apple Soda


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